Monday, August 24, 2009

End of Summer

I can hardly believe the kids go back to school this week! We went to Santa Barbara for my daughter's soccer tournament this past weekend and took a break between games to feel the sand between our toes and cold water at our ankles. The lighting was perfect because it was slightly overcast. It rained a little, was cold, then super-hot. Southern CA's summer weather has been so different this year. Most days are in the high 70's. Usually in August its in the 90's- It's been great!! I can't believe I am starting to wash my Christmas fabric to make some Christmas throws to make. The start of school always signals me to begin Christmas projects. I'm glad we got some beach time in!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

New Photos

I decided to take a new photo for my avatar in various places. A much farther-looking photo that doesn't accentuate the negatives. Also, I love the idea of a quilt background. The one in the background is one waiting to be sent out and I absolutely love the colors, so there you have it. I got a couple of pics of my daughter and her friend, mother-daughter and just me. I am somewhat happy with mine since they are farther away, and I think it conveys bright, cheerful, summer. What do you think?? I think our Christmas pic this year might need to be a Christmas quilt in the background. Fun thoughts already for December!! We have one week left till the kiddos go back to school then I can get back to a normal schedule. The countdown begins. It has been a great summer!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Meghan Peasant Pattern

I just had to blog about a new pattern I tried called the Meghan Peasant.I enjoy sewing quilts & purses, but tend to stay away from clothing. The patterns can be too confusing, but this pattern just called to me because it is so versatile- short sleeve top, long sleeve top, short sleeve dress, long sleeve dress. I have to admit I was drawn to it because there are no zippers! It is a collaboration between Jennifer Paganelli (one of my fav fabric designers) and Carla Crim, the Scientific Seamstress. This is what I love about this pattern:

*Multiple options

*Multiple sizes 0-3XX

*Downloadable- you could start it right now!

* Lots of directions & pictures- there was no confusion!

* Totally customizable the whole way: how deep the neckline, how long the "skirt"

*Photos of others who made this on flickr

I used all Jennifer Paganelli fabrics: Elizabeth Rose Ice on the bodice, Leann stripe on the "skirt", Casey Scroll on the sleeves. I omitted the elastic on the end of the sleeves because I liked the look when I tried it on. I cut the "skirt" 14" to have a shorter look. I am just so happy how it came out. However, I am just not photogenic, so I cropped my head. My son said, "Wow! You made that mom?" and he also was the one who took the pics of me and agreed with the crop! I am wearing the necklace he made me for my bday. Where to find all this cuteness? but here is where I downloaded the pattern: The pattern-maker's blogs: and and the photographer extraordinaire: I will definately make this again and again. I'm sure when my daughter gets home from a vacation with her friend, she will want one too!!

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