Friday, October 28, 2016

Hotel Frederiksted is Enchanting!

I have become enchanted with the new Hotel Frederiksted line. There's something about this color combination of vintage red, vibrant green and bright blue that just sings. Jennifer knows how to put colors together, I just sew it up! There are also touches of orange and I love the Krysta print with the white background. It just lights up the group! 

I sewed my usual random patchwork pattern for Jennifer,  but this time I got to design & sew a quilt for Free Spirit  using this line! It's called the Village and I had so much fun designing it. It will be available from Free Spirit as a download sometime in November from their website. It will also be hanging at Quilt Market in Houston!! I'm so excited!! I hope someone can get a photo for me as I can't be there to see it.

I thought doing a hotel & bungalow theme worked well with the fabric line name and added the selvage for a touch of whimsy! Jennifer showed my ideas to Free Spirit and they wanted a whole quilt. I added 2 different trees & made a scrappy brick path between rows and now you have a Village with a Hotel Frederiksted on each street!

Terrie is the cute tiny diamond shaped print that is so perfectly awesome as a roof. Since this was for Quilt Market, I had a bungalow represent Free Spirit

Here is the Jennifer Paganelli bungalow! The smaller scale prints make cute details on this quilt.

Once the pattern is made available I will let you know & look forward to seeing what you create with it!
You can order a patchwork & minky blanket made in Hotel Frederiksted here

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