Thursday, May 28, 2009

Blankets Galore

I am really enjoying making patchwork and minky blankets. It is really so rewarding and each one is different. My husband and I trekked out to downtown LA to buy a ton of minky. It is really hard to see what color it is online. There are no good sources locally, so everything is online- which is fine with me! I have such creative customers- always willing to work things out, be kind to what stash I have. Each blanket is a labor of love- truly!! My son told me the other day that I was in love with fabric. Kids are so intuitive sometimes. I was commenting on his boy favorites and saying "How could you love playing airsoft?"- I don't get the whole gun thing. He said that was better than loving fabric- ha! Fabric won't hurt you! I hope to get lots of blanket orders so I can order more minky and fabric that I love!!

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