Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Can You Have Too Much Fabric??

Here is my fabric closet. Here is about 1/3 of what I have. Most people would say I have enough- and I have been told that! The problem is that Amy Butler, Sandi Henderson and Heather Bailey have new fabric lines coming out- as well as other amazing designers, and I just have to have it! I just placed a preorder for Amy Butler's Love fabric line due to arrive next week and I am so excited. I ordered it from I ordered it all! Where am I going to put it??Don't know. If you like any of the fabrics and want something made from it let me know! It's going to be fun to play with it! Here is the Amy Butler link to see all the amazing new fabric: http://

Friday, September 18, 2009

New Feature in My Shop

I have decided to add over 150 photos that are numbered under "palettes" to hopefully make choosing fabric easier in my shop. You purchase the fabric grouping (you can't list free on etsy- 20 cents is cost) with your custom item and can tell me you don't want # 7 included or what ever you like! I plan to do a few each day as it will take a long time. I think its easier than going back and forth between flickr and the shop. The above fabrics I just got in called "Apple" from Timeless Treasures. I posted 20 different fabrics to mix and match. So much from my "stash" coordinated so well- especially Sandi Henderson's Farmers Market line. Hope its easier! Thanks to all of you who have purchased from me before. Everyone is so amazingly nice. I tell you I have a dream job!! I am at sale #99, I can't believe it. I started last August. This business is such a blessing!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I am definately ready to sew some fall colors! I have been washing and drying my newest purchases. I have figured out that hanging the fabrics on a clothesline gets most of the wrinkles out because ironing IS NOT FUN. At least not for me. I am planning on making some Christmas colored throws to sell, but not sure about fall. If you are reading this blog, I would love your opinion. Do you think people buy seasonal colored throws or just match their decor? My house has fall colors, so I tend to buy more things then because they match what I already have. I have dark red, olive green and wheat colors so Christmas colors look great. What about Christmas throws with non traditional colors- in other words- they would match YOUR decor, but look like Christmas?? I would love to hear from you!

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