Saturday, December 28, 2013

Accordian Bag by Sew Sweetness

I have a customer that I have worked with on custom diaper bags and purses over the years and she contacted me recently to make her another custom purse. I sent her over to my friend Sara Lawson's  Sew Sweetness pattern shop and she picked out the Accordian Bag. I absolutely love the flap and think it's a great way to use up scraps as those pieces are 3x9. It would also be a great bag to showcase a new fabric line as 11 fabrics are used in the flap. Tone on tone and small patterned fabrics work well for the flap because you are folding the fabric. She also gives directions for a single fabric flap if you wanted that style instead. This is my first try at Sara's patterns and I'm happy to say they are easy to follow, downloadable with lots of pictures. I have found that this type of pattern works best for me as I am a visual learner. For this pattern, there are only 2 pieces you have to print out and the rest she gives you the dimensions so you could rotary cut them out. It's really the perfect, medium sized bag. I'm looking forward to making the Aeroplane bag next!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

12 Days of Jennifer Paganelli Inspiration

I am excited to be Day 10 of 12 days of inspiration by Jennifer Paganelli! Seriously, we could go on forever on how Jennifer and her fabrics inspire us! Pictured above is my JP stash & I could come up with so many combinations using her fabrics. It's so distracting! I met Jennifer online through Flickr, I think. She had commented on something I made that had bits of her fabrics in it and I was blown away at her kindness. I soon discovered that her style was my style and we were fast friends. I love how she loves to mix color and pattern and everything she does is happy & colorful.
I designed my sewing room around her fabrics. Wait, that picture doesn't look lived in! See below for a true, working sewing room!

Anyway, you can see how much Jennifer inspires me. She is kind and generous to everyone and so supportive to the handmade community, I am truly amazed! For my inspiration piece, I decided I wanted to feature something I've been making lately. Mug rugs are not new items, but I really love finding colorful & artistic mugs and designing mugs rugs to match. They make great gifts as I don't think they have to match a person's home. They are a stand alone gift!  Here are some mugs I purchased from Anthropologie
and one from Cost Plus
And here are the mug rugs I made to match them

I used a West Indies print called Matilda and bordered it with Claudia and then Jane and made a binding out of Sally. All I need to do is pop some Starbucks Via packets or some tea bags and I have a cute gift set.
For this one I used Claudia in the center and then did a log cabin style around it in Dana, Maggie, Danielle, Matt's Tux, Nikki, Matilda and Velentina. The binding is Luca. I love how most of the fabric names are people's names! I still have 2 more mugs to match up, and I'm looking forward to it since there is only 7 days until Christmas! Yikes! The mug rugs take about a half hour if you're using scraps. The center square is approximately 3" & then I add 1 1/2 to 2 1/2" strips until I think it's done, around 8-9" finished size. Here is the list of bloggers and the days that they posted or will post:

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