Monday, January 30, 2012

Swoon Along

I was really intrigued by this block as part of the Swoon pattern by Camille Roskelley. I had seen many quilters I admire tackle it and I decided I wanted to try it myself. I chose Loopy Vintage Floral in brown, Carrie in green (both Jennifer Paganelli) & Plaid in cream (Tanya Whelan Sugar Hill). My goal was to finish one block and if it was too much for me, it would be a pillow or wallhanging. This block is 23 1/2", so it could definitely stand alone. I purchased & downloaded the pattern here and began my cutting. There is A LOT of cutting and cutting the 7/8" for the half square triangles threw me off at first, but now I've got the hang of it. My new goal since I made one block and enjoyed it is to make a quilt for my bed for the summer. I'd like to hand quilt around each star and then machine quilt the rest. I figured if I sew one block a week and when finished hand quilt each week one star, that would be 18 weeks which brings me to the summer. Perfect timing if I can keep up that pace! So, in other words, the block is not quick, but so satisfying! It is truly addicting because it takes patience and care and you just grow to love it in the end! If you are up for the Swoon Along hosted by Katy you can join the flickr group as well to be inspired and there are lots of forums for questions there as well that are really helpful!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

One Little Corner of My House

New throw and pillow for my bedroom couch

Carrie from Girls World Vibe curtain

entry into my sewing room from my bedroom

patchwork curtain on sewing room side
One thing leads to another in decorating, doesn't it?? We finished my sewing room addition about a year ago & have been undecided on the curtain I would put on the glass door going from my bedroom into the sewing room. Then came Girls World Vibe & I knew the Carrie fabric in either gold or brown would fit the bill from my bedroom side. I decided on the brown to contrast with the gold walls in my room. I added a small lumbar pillow with ball fringe to the couch to tie in the curtain. It's been really cold lately, so I've been wanting to make a minky throw for the couch in my bedroom. Do you see the chain reaction??? I finally got it together and used mostly chocolate and apple green with a tiny bit of pink and yellow with cream minky for the back. My Franciscan plates up to pull in more color and get 'stuff' on the walls! 

For the patchwork curtain, I originally thought of Carrie in the aqua, then, well maybe the brown. . . my husband said that having that door right next to the Wall of Wow called for a busy, colorful print, so I decided to use my fabric scraps that I have stored in baggies by size. I used 8x8, 6x8 & along the bottom 4x8. I LOVE how it came out, and it's like a quilt on a door. I think if I could write a book it would be called Living with Patchwork because anything I can do to make something made of multiple fabrics, I do it.  Now to do the other side of my room. . . and the lampshades... and my summer quilt that I hope will be using the Swoon pattern. . . stay tuned!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Please Read My Guest Post on Fabric Organization

You can read about how I organize my cut and uncut fabrics on this blog. Thank you Allison for asking me how I organize fabric! If you need to get your room or space organized, follow her blog as she will be posting about all aspects of craft room organization! She is also co~founder of seamedup another place you need to visit!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Another Gorgeous Nursery!

Take a look at the nursery that Carey put together for her daughter. I had the privilege of making the patchwork bumper and patchwork changing pad cover, skirt and blanket for the nursery. Here is the bumper separately
It is one of my favorite color combinations! Carey did such a great job with the details! I love the changing table/dresser with the artwork. I love how several of the details from the fabrics are combined to create one of a kind artwork that mimics the patchwork in the bumper. The tree is just a stunning setting for the crib and I love the crystal chandelier. All beautiful details. I absolutely love seeing things I make in their home setting. It's like everything comes alive!! Enjoy!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Girls World Vibe

Yesterday I was frustrated because I was expecting my Girls World Vibe fabric from and my UPS delivery is usually at about 2pm. Yesterday he got here at 6ish!!! How dare he when I'm expecting a very exciting package! I wasn't able to play with the fabric until this morning~ it is was a highlight, as usual!! Girls World Vibe should be a staple in every person's fabric closet. I love the color-on-white in the brown, magenta, gold, aqua, green and tangerine colors. They go with both past and future (Crazy Love) collections, so if you are a Sis Boom stasher like me, they will nestle nicely with the others. I'm excited because I'll be using the Carrie damask in gold and brown around my house~ future fun posts. The rest of the groups can be found on my flickr or my shop

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sugar Hill

Sugar Hill is here from Tanya Whelan! Its everything you love about Tanya's fabrics~ retro, vintage feel that is at home in a quilt, apron or purse. It combines beautifully with Darla & of course Jennifer Paganelli fabrics. There is actually a fuchsia in the small floral/bird print that I tried to pick out in some of the palettes. It can be a subdued or bold color palette. Can't wait to start cutting it up!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Quilt, New Year

I finished and started a quilt yesterday, so thought I'd share. The bottom one was free motion quilted with minky on the back. I will only do small quilts with minky as it wants to more. Here is an application where your 505 Spray and Fix will really stabilize the layers. I folded the backing over the front for the binding and the quilt has a snuggly edge for baby to feel. Its a 40x40 size.
The new quilt I've made before~ it will be a twin size using 7" squares in a 10x12 pattern. I label the rows so I can continually pair up the rows until its all sewn up without the guesswork of keeping track of the order. Over the break Christina and I were able to finish 7 tops for either minky blankets or quilts, so stay tuned for the results of those tops. I've got my month laid out for me! :) What are you working on this month??

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