Friday, January 6, 2012

Girls World Vibe

Yesterday I was frustrated because I was expecting my Girls World Vibe fabric from and my UPS delivery is usually at about 2pm. Yesterday he got here at 6ish!!! How dare he when I'm expecting a very exciting package! I wasn't able to play with the fabric until this morning~ it is was a highlight, as usual!! Girls World Vibe should be a staple in every person's fabric closet. I love the color-on-white in the brown, magenta, gold, aqua, green and tangerine colors. They go with both past and future (Crazy Love) collections, so if you are a Sis Boom stasher like me, they will nestle nicely with the others. I'm excited because I'll be using the Carrie damask in gold and brown around my house~ future fun posts. The rest of the groups can be found on my flickr or my shop


Shannon said...

love that pink and gold at the top!! making my girl a quilt in those colors right now!

Melissa P said...

I couldn't agree more. Girl's World Vibe is definitely a fabric stash staple!

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