Tuesday, January 24, 2012

One Little Corner of My House

New throw and pillow for my bedroom couch

Carrie from Girls World Vibe curtain

entry into my sewing room from my bedroom

patchwork curtain on sewing room side
One thing leads to another in decorating, doesn't it?? We finished my sewing room addition about a year ago & have been undecided on the curtain I would put on the glass door going from my bedroom into the sewing room. Then came Girls World Vibe & I knew the Carrie fabric in either gold or brown would fit the bill from my bedroom side. I decided on the brown to contrast with the gold walls in my room. I added a small lumbar pillow with ball fringe to the couch to tie in the curtain. It's been really cold lately, so I've been wanting to make a minky throw for the couch in my bedroom. Do you see the chain reaction??? I finally got it together and used mostly chocolate and apple green with a tiny bit of pink and yellow with cream minky for the back. My Franciscan plates up to pull in more color and get 'stuff' on the walls! 

For the patchwork curtain, I originally thought of Carrie in the aqua, then, well maybe the brown. . . my husband said that having that door right next to the Wall of Wow called for a busy, colorful print, so I decided to use my fabric scraps that I have stored in baggies by size. I used 8x8, 6x8 & along the bottom 4x8. I LOVE how it came out, and it's like a quilt on a door. I think if I could write a book it would be called Living with Patchwork because anything I can do to make something made of multiple fabrics, I do it.  Now to do the other side of my room. . . and the lampshades... and my summer quilt that I hope will be using the Swoon pattern. . . stay tuned!


Melissa P said...

These are the best kinds of chain reactions! It all looks so wonderful and inspiring. Great job!

Nina... said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty! I'm going to "pin" that gorgeous patchwork curtain!

Jennifer said...

oh good folks will make there way over!!!!

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