Thursday, May 26, 2011


Super excited to get in Anna Maria's newest line, Loulouthi. I saw an interview with her on DIY Dish and so now I know how to pronounce this collection. The 'thi' is pronounced 'ti'. Ha! I think I'll just name it Loulou. :) As usual, her new fabric line doesn't disappoint~ full of color and pattern and delicious colors. I had fun creating coordinates for them~ many match with her other lines, Innocent Crush, Garden Party and Drawing Room. Love that! The 'fun blue' is really a different blue, but Amy Butlers Temple Doors in deep water and Laurel Dots in periwinkle are a great match. The Summer Totem and Clippings are really large prints with lots of color. I'm not sure if my first instinct is to cut them up to show off the different motifs or just frame a large portion. I love that the fabric designs are works of art themselves. I have the best job!! For more fabric combos using Loulou, see my flickr page.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Practical Bag

I made the Practical Bag by Tanya Whelan last week for Holly. She needed a beach bag to match her bathing suit for beach day at school. She chose Jennifer Paganelli's Queen Street fabrics & this pattern was so easy to sew together! This would be a great summer project to teach your kids to sew. There is no interfacing, buttons, or zippers. I would have liked a pocket, but you can definately add that easily. It takes a yard for the outside and a little less than a yard for the inside, so if you have a fabric stash you can easily make this on a whim. This may be the pattern for teacher gifts this year.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Another WIP

Another blanket I'm working on, finished the quilt in the previous post and loved working with the voile/quilting cottons. I really want to do an all voile quilt, its just so amazing!! This one is for Dana who wanted a 56x64 random patchwork in fallish warm colors and she's a huge fabric fan, (she also sells fabric) so I wanted to put both new and old fabric lines because I know she will appreciate that! Just have to add a little more to the bottom and then its time for chocolate brown minky on the back. :)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

What I'm Working on Today

Had to delete the last post~ those huge spaces were bugging me! No more tutorials from me unless I figure out how to close those gaps. I did hit 'delete' in between, then when it posted there were those huge gaps again, so forget it! Here's Elena's quilt top done, I'll be quilting this cutie today. Its grey and icky and this top brightens everything!! Its got the voile, so I can't wait to see how it quilts. :) What are you working on this weekend??

Friday, May 6, 2011

One quilt finished, one started

The random patch quilts are my very favorite to sew! I love playing with the placement in color and pattern. I just finished Jenna's quilt in the oranges and pinks and now Elena's with purple, red and blue. I'm also using voile in this one, so can't wait to see how this works. The back will be mostly voile with a border of the regular quilting cotton. Can't wait to work on it this weekend!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Got Girls World??

I received my Girls World book last week, but haven't been able to blog about much lately!! I had a weekend visit from my mom, so I wanted to catch up on orders so I could enjoy her visit (which I did), and now I am back catching up again!! Here's why I love Girls World:

*There are 4 dress patterns that go from size 2-14, so my 13 year old can still wear one of the dresses

*There are gorgeous frills & feminine touches for the girly girl, but the Tallulah Halter Dress has simple lines for girls like my Holly who want less ruffles. I can see making quite a few for her for the summer, can't wait to do that & post about it! (I think Jennifer needs a pattern for moms in that style, hint hint!!)

*Being more of a 'home sewer' I was drooling over all the projects under the Home section~ Holly loves the Patchwork Memory Board & wants to make George the puppy! I need to make the Birthday Banner~ really!!

*There are no sew projects~ lamp shade, headband and the ingenious "Ambassador of Goodwill" badges.

*Yay, a quilt pattern, pillow pattern as well as an amazing Canopy with Pinwheel Strands for your bed

Can you tell I LOVE this book? The photography is amazing, I love seeing her fabrics in action & combined. After I look through it, I am truly inspired to create!

You can see my journal & notecards in the background, all happy colors to add to my desk. :) I really love the quilt I recently made, so with the scraps I made a mug rug so I can see the blue, fuschia & orange combo every day. Hopefully, that catches you up with what I've been up to lately!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Vote for Lindsi!

My previous post on Lindsi's nursery (scroll down to see) ended up with so many questions about the details of her beautiful new baby's room. One commenter, Jan, has a website where you can enter your nursery in a contest & asked if Lindsi wanted to. I forwarded the info & she's up on Jan's site now, here's the link: She named her nursery "The Bold and the Birdyful"~ cute!! All you have to do is comment where you rate the nursery~ super easy. If you are looking for baby room inspiration, this is one site you have to check out. Tons and tons of rooms to look at in every style imaginable for both girls, boys and gender neutral. If you want to enter your nursery, just contact Jan by clicking "contest" on the home page. Have fun browsing and don't forget to vote!!

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