Thursday, May 26, 2011


Super excited to get in Anna Maria's newest line, Loulouthi. I saw an interview with her on DIY Dish and so now I know how to pronounce this collection. The 'thi' is pronounced 'ti'. Ha! I think I'll just name it Loulou. :) As usual, her new fabric line doesn't disappoint~ full of color and pattern and delicious colors. I had fun creating coordinates for them~ many match with her other lines, Innocent Crush, Garden Party and Drawing Room. Love that! The 'fun blue' is really a different blue, but Amy Butlers Temple Doors in deep water and Laurel Dots in periwinkle are a great match. The Summer Totem and Clippings are really large prints with lots of color. I'm not sure if my first instinct is to cut them up to show off the different motifs or just frame a large portion. I love that the fabric designs are works of art themselves. I have the best job!! For more fabric combos using Loulou, see my flickr page.

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