Friday, August 20, 2010

Random Patchwork Quilt Along

I've had some requests for directions on my random patchwork quilt, so I thought I would do that with a new baby quilt I'm working on as part of a set for Cortney. I am warning you that many of these directions are 'random'!! First, the number of fabrics needed? A completely personal choice. The more the merrier as you will see~ if you don't use enough of a variety, you will have duplicates near or next to each other. For this quilt, size 40x46 (apx), I have used various prints from Jennifer Paganelli's Poodle, Sisboom basics, Flower Power & Pretty Please in fuschia, turquoise, blue, pink & yellow. Usually I buy 1 yard of each print & use a little more than 1/2 yard of each in cutting them up. I like 10-12 fabrics in smaller & of course more for my larger sizes. I play with the pattern as I go, so I want a variety of sizes for every color & print, but not every piece will be used. I love to have at least 3 colors with one of the colors being a 'pop'. In this group, the yellow is my pop. The pile above is what's left after I designed the top. Probably enough for another 40x46. See what I mean about random?? Okay, here are the cutting instructions:
*From each fabric, cut strips in these sizes:
8.5, 6.5, 4.5 (for larger quilts I also cut 12.5)
*Then cut your strips again lengthwise into 8.5, 6.5, & 4.5
* When finished, you should have these sizes:
8.5x8.5, 8.5x6.5, 8.5x4.5, 6.5x6.5, 6.5x4.5 & 4.5x4.5
Next, I find it helpful to separate the piles by size & color on my floor or table. All 8.5 squares together in piles by color. The next post will be about the next step. If you have any questions, either leave a comment on my post if your profile links your email, or email me at

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