Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Quilt Along Step 2

Had to pause the posts for a weekend of soccer tournaments for my daughter! Okay, once your fabric is organized, start laying out a pleasing pattern. I start in the upper left corner with an 8x8 (I'm dropping the half inch for typing purposes) square of my inspiration fabric~ in this case Tanya~ then start going across the top until your patches add up to 42". So, first square 8, second 8, third 6. Keep going until you are at 42. Going under the original 8" square, do the same thing going down to 48". Fill in between a combination of patches with good distribution of color and sizes.
Next, start sewing blocks in sections like in the top picture. Once you have all sections sewn together, you are ready to start layering your quilt~ the next post! Get out your spray baster, batting & backing & I'll see you next post!


Sweet Baby Jamie said...

You are so sweet to do this, and did I mention you're amazing??? Well... you are!!

Gina said...

You make such beautiful things!!

Mrs.Hearts said...

Thank you for this fun tutorial! This post does not have the Quilt Along tag on it, so it does not show up in order in the Random Patchwork Quilt Along.

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