Saturday, August 28, 2010

Rainbow Around the Block

I really meant to post about this a long time ago, and here I am 4 days before the last cut off date writing about Rainbow Around the Block. Most of you, I'm sure, read Anna Maria Horner's blog & know she lives in TN where so many people lost everything in the flood this year. She is organizing a group to make quilts for those people. Recently a mom contacted me because she needed a new crib set for her 2 babies, so I am making her a bumper & skirt using Joel Dewberry's Deer Valley. The block on the lower right has some of the fabrics I'll be using including that amazing Antler Damask! Because of Sally, I felt even more motivated to sew some blocks to donate. I wish I could have completed more~ I kept them super simple so I could use scraps from peoples orders and make them as I go. I finished 9 & will mail them out today. I think if you worked on some this weekend and mailed them out monday, they would still get there by the 1st. Here's the link to the information on this program: I posted pics of some of the individual blocks in my flickr.


Melissa P said...

Nothing better than a deadline! The blocks are beautiful. I especially like the blue one.

Paula said...

Looks gorgeous, my friend! Miss you. You're inspiring me to get out my sewing machine again...maybe make a quilt for Josh this time.

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