Monday, August 9, 2010

New Sewing Room!!

I am so excited because we are adding on a larger sewing room for me!! You can see the plans in the first pic labeled 'new sitting room' because its off the master. Notice it will be bigger than our bedroom! :) I will be painting the walls the second color on the color chip based around Jennifer Paganelli's Loopy Vintage blue. I am also going to incorporate pink & green. I'm excited because my whole house is a dark red, olive & wheat. This will be a fun, creative area where I can use brights & vintage finds that are in my closet with no place to go (yet!).
Under that is half of my fabric closet in my old sewing room, then my unused old sewing room & then my dining room turned sewing room that drives everyone in my house nuts! I have been reading 'Studios' by Cloth, Paper, Scissors & would like to get 'Where Women Create' to get some ideas. Also, I have been favoriting sewing room pics on flickr. So far my wish list includes:
*Wall of cubbies for fabric organization
*Cutting table to fit my large 70x40 cutting mat
*Large 2'x5' ironing board
*Some sort of rod to hang ironed fabrics over
*Sewing table oriented towards back of room to look out the window
*12x12 laminated floor tiles to act as another measurement tool for laying out quilts & bumpers
(originally it was going to be wood, but loved the idea I saw about using the floor as a measuring tool!)
*Desk area with my computer, printer, etc.
*Fleece covered movable design board
*Counter space around half of the room to spread out & work on multiple projects
Sooo, what are your favorite things in your sewing room that you think I could incorporate in my 14X19 room?? I would love to hear any and all. If you have a link to a well organized sewing room I would love to see that, too! We are starting in October, most likely. Can't wait!!!!


Melissa P said...

Oh you lucky girl! How cool to have all that space for you and your stuff. I'm jealous. If you haven't seen Alicia's posts yet, go check out

She'll have more very soon that shows all the stuff she incorporated.

Lisa said...

Monique that is exciting and so well deserved!!

Mary said...

That sounds SO awesome! I love the idea of using the floor tiles for measuring!

Can't wait to see it come to life!

inkie-mumma said...

wow so lucky! next house I will be getting a sewing room <3 can't wait to see what you do!

Swift Jan said...

Aren't you a lucky girl! That is so exciting!!

walklet said...

That is sew great for you, can't wait to see it! Our house came a with a loft that had a countertop already built in that ran the length of one wall. I have a new sewing machine and the height isn't quite right so I am trying to decide what to do. I hate to take it out but it isn't adjustable.etc.

Sweet Baby Jamie said...

This is soooooo exciting!!! YOu are going to love your room...I miss chatting with you!!!! Can't wait till I"m moved, and my life is settled, and I can get back into Etsy and blog land!!!

Thanks for visiting!