Thursday, August 19, 2010

Inspiration is Everywhere!

One of my favorite flowers is the morning glory. The ones in my backyard are actually my neighbor's vine that came over to hand out in my yard. I was thrilled! I just love their color & the brightness it adds to the shady side of my yard. I realized when I recently bought Amanda Fleur in blue that it would be a gorgeous picture together, so I pulled out my Lee paisley to coordinate & then pulled fabrics from her other lines until this top was filled with royal blues, aquas, bubblegum pinks and purpley pinks. I just love this combination that started out in my garden!

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inkie-mumma said...

our back yard is over run with morning glory plant! I love it! my husband doesn't, he hacks away at it and it comes back strong hehe much to his dismay!

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