Sunday, February 28, 2010

Quilt vs Blanket

I often get questions about my listings of quilts & blankets~ what's the difference? I thought I'd take the time to explain it then refer people to this post!
BLANKETS (or patchwork & minky blankets) first picture. These are patchwork or single fabric on one side, minky on the other. The 2 sides are attached all the way around the outside 2 times for durability. There is nothing in between, there is no attachment in the middle. The top & bottom pieces move independently. I have had many orders for this type of blanket up to twin size. I think it is a 'look'. I started making these because with less labor involved, I can charge less. I think everyone should be able to have their own blanket or throw!
QUILTS These have patchwork or single fabric on one side, fabric on the other. There is cotton or cotton/polyester batting in between. The layers are quilted together throughout & a binding is applied around the edge. I machine sew both quilts & blankets. Quilts have more 'ingredients' & more work, so the price reflects that. Originally I didn't think I would make and sell quilts because they are so time consuming. I found that more and more people were asking for them. What I decided to do is just keep the pattern simple~ basic squares or what I like to call 'random patchwork' and outline quilt to keep the time down to keep the cost down.
I will say that both are beautiful and I LOVE make both of them. Its kind of like your kids~ they are different, but you love them equally. Hopefully that explains the difference! :)


Swift Jan said...

Thanks for explaining. One of these days I will buy myself a quilt *love*

Unknown said...

Were you able to sell your quilts and blankets right away? Or did it take some months to get a sale? I'm interested in selling my own quilts but I don't have many to start with. Only about 2 or 3.

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