Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Diaper Bags

My custom diaper bags have become a popular item in my store. I really love making them and mixing it up! It's fun because everyones taste is a little different and I get to play with so many fabrics! This diaper bag I made to sell because I just love the new Dance With Me fabric from Jennifer Paganelli. The "cheater" patchwork reminds me of my bedding as a tween. As soon as I saw it, for some reason I thought diaper bag, so I used that fabric for the flap and then used coordinating fabrics from Jen's other lines to pull out the colors in the patchwork. I call it "groovy cottage" because it has a 70's flavor with cottage coziness. I get to do a "real" patchwork diaper bag for someone in Amy Butler's Midwest Modern2 & Daisy Chain in aquas and greens. I am itching to make it and can't wait to post pics. She also wants a baby blanket and burp cloths. Quite a beautiful set in the making. I still can't believe that I do what I do. Creating all these beauties is a dream job for me!! God is good!


Paula said...

OK so I'm thinking I want a mini diaper bag with a zipper closure. You know, just big enough for a couple of diapers, some wipes, a toy, and an outfit. I LOVE the diaper bag made out of black white and pink woodgrain. How doable is it and will it cost a fortune?
P.S. I'm loving your blog...too cute!

Swift Jan said...

OOh its divine!!!

And oooh I lurve the idea of a mini "diaper" bag (diaper sounds so funny to me :P)

Givinya De Elba said...

How GLAD am I that I was the one to buy it! I looove it!

I have packed it and another bag FULL of baby clothes and warps for hospital - it's all so full because I've had to stash both pink and blue in there.

Yes, yes, I know I could have gone with yellow and white, but just like the last two babes, I am bursting to wrap this little baby up in either pink or blue! So I had to pack both of those colours.

One colour will come home and so I can just use this gorgeous diaper bag for the baby. Not all the other luggage I've got now.

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