Thursday, April 22, 2010

Amy Butler Quilt Quest

I had so much fun sewing this custom order for Katie! I used almost all of Amy Butler's fabric lines~ Belle, Lotus, Daisy Chain, Nigella, August Fields & Love is on the back. She said she wanted lots of clashing colors, not at all matching. As we worked together to come up with the fabrics, she put together a patchwork word doc that had all of these fabrics. Then I had to hunt them down. Let me tell you that the Coriander was hard to find! I was only able to buy 11" on ebay at a premium price for the sea green color. It is spectacular! I wish I had more. I found 2 yards of the pine Coriander on ebay as well. It was more than the regular price, but not as expensive as the sea green. I really enjoyed the quest! Have you ever paid more for fabric you just had to have??


trish said...

Wow! What a stunning quilt! I love all the colors you chose! Great job! :o)
Sincerely ~ Tricia

Mary said...

Oh boy, I would LOVE some pink coriander . . . but all the same I doubt I'd pay more than $12 or $14 a yard? There are just too many other awesome fabric lines out there :-)

Lisa said...

Monique there just isn't a price too high for your creations!

whatkatiedidnext said...

Oh I am so excited! you have done such a wonderful job. the quilt is amazing! I can't wait to snuggle under it (it is getting very cold here already). thank you! Katie x x

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