Friday, July 23, 2010

Waiting on the Grapes

We had a great crop (2 trees!) of apricots, now we are waiting on our Red Flame grapes. They grow over the pergola in our backyard intertwined with the Trumpet vine. They both provide much needed shade in the summer. Of course, they seem to all ripen at once and we are handing out grapes to all who visit. Anybody have any great recipes with grapes?? I saw an italian bread made with them from Nella Cucina's Mary Ann Esposito. Maybe I'll give it a try this year!


Paula said...

I'll be in town on Monday. Hopefully we can get together and you can give ME some of those beautiful grapes. I remember when you planted those vines!!! Call me.

by robin reed design said...

I LOVE YOUR NEW BANNER!!!!! I was just telling Susie that I wanted to do a banner for you. And then I look and you already got a new FANCIER one! I love it!!!!!

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