Thursday, July 12, 2012


I got Amy Butler's new Cameo line in yesterday and it was fun to play with! I love how it works so well with some of her cherished older lines, like Belle. I'm glad I still have a little bit left of a few of those prints. I have been looking at that olive green in Belle and wondering what I want to combine it with and then here is Cameo! It has that great olivey green, chartreuse & pretty blues that Amy is known for. The red looks great with the Wallflower red as well as the newer Souvenir in the last photo. Harriet's kitchen (the large one in the last photo) was especially fun to pull coordinates. I love busy prints with lots of color and finding just the right combo to bring out their beauty. Which prints are you planning on getting?

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Sweet Baby Jamie said...

I was just salivating over cameo yesterday, thinking I need to get some!!! It's gorgeous!

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