Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Finally Done!

I have finally finished my bedroom quilted duvet. Yes, it was lots of work especially since it was hand quilted almost every night for the last few months. It really is one great memory. I enjoyed the relaxing time by the fire while my family and I watched old tv shows like "Combat" & "Get Smart". Sometimes Holly and I got to sneak in a decorating show here and there. Mostly, it was family time. I stitched everyone's initial on their own square, so they love to look for their letter. It turned out better than I thought and it gave me directions for my curtains. I don't know how many fabrics I used, but I know it was LOTS. I love scrappy quilts, I love combining fabrics, it was a labor of love. Hopefully, other people in my family will remember me by this. If not, my husband and I will stay warm and cozy under it for hopefully many years to come. He even likes it! Bonus!

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