Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Meghan Peasant Pattern

I just had to blog about a new pattern I tried called the Meghan Peasant.I enjoy sewing quilts & purses, but tend to stay away from clothing. The patterns can be too confusing, but this pattern just called to me because it is so versatile- short sleeve top, long sleeve top, short sleeve dress, long sleeve dress. I have to admit I was drawn to it because there are no zippers! It is a collaboration between Jennifer Paganelli (one of my fav fabric designers) and Carla Crim, the Scientific Seamstress. This is what I love about this pattern:

*Multiple options

*Multiple sizes 0-3XX

*Downloadable- you could start it right now!

* Lots of directions & pictures- there was no confusion!

* Totally customizable the whole way: how deep the neckline, how long the "skirt"

*Photos of others who made this on flickr

I used all Jennifer Paganelli fabrics: Elizabeth Rose Ice on the bodice, Leann stripe on the "skirt", Casey Scroll on the sleeves. I omitted the elastic on the end of the sleeves because I liked the look when I tried it on. I cut the "skirt" 14" to have a shorter look. I am just so happy how it came out. However, I am just not photogenic, so I cropped my head. My son said, "Wow! You made that mom?" and he also was the one who took the pics of me and agreed with the crop! I am wearing the necklace he made me for my bday. Where to find all this cuteness? but here is where I downloaded the pattern: The pattern-maker's blogs: and and the photographer extraordinaire: I will definately make this again and again. I'm sure when my daughter gets home from a vacation with her friend, she will want one too!!


Givinya De Elba said...

LOVE the fabrics, again! Not sure I could make that, despite the URL of the site you mentioned ... :)

Swift Jan said...

Oh what a pretty top.... Maybe I will download that pattern one day.. whether the top actually turns out though is a different matter altogether hehe

Sara said...

I love this top...I think it looks amazing with all the different fabrics!!

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