Monday, November 9, 2009

Beautiful Purples!

I am in love with these blanket tops! I couldn't wait to get a picture & send them to the future owners. My husband put up a new clothesline for me this weekend as the pergola doesn't get much sun in the winter. I just wish we had grass instead of cement. We have a smallish back yard and it is mostly pool. I was being careful not to fall in while taking the pictures!


Givinya De Elba said...

Oh wow! I'll take the one on the right thanks. Oh wait, it's taken? Drat.

Susan said...

Beautiful quilts!

Jewelz said...

I have the one one the left...yes I am the blessed recipient of one of Monique's beautiful creations.
I L♡VE the amazing amount of care and attention Monique puts into her creations.
I have received a precious gift Monique, and I can tell you now, this is a treasure that I intend to cherish and fully intend to pass it silly to say I think I have just discovered how Family Heirlooms come into being!

♡♡♡A heartfelt thanks for your time, love and effort Monique. Truly appreciated.♡♡♡


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