Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween Pictures

Well, I got away this year without making costumes! :) I love sewing, but the costumes my kids want tend to be difficult. The very first jacket I made was when Dylan wanted to be a civil war soldier. That was really hard putting in sleeves & epilets (can't remember what they're called). Actually, my first costume was when he wanted to be a king in kindergarten and I made this really cool cape that was red sequined on one side and gold lame on the other with a gold tie. The base was basically a black satin dress with gold lame rick rack trim. Several years in a row he was Jack Sparrow and the last year we hunted to make one of those really long coats that Jack wore & it had a split in the back & was lined. I think after I made that one, quilts seemed easy and maybe that's when I thought I had 'arrived' sewing wise. Well, I hadn't, but it was definately a feather in my cap. Holly's costumes have been easier. I have made her costumes for an angel, pioneer girl, asian kimono. This year, Holly wanted to be Alice in Wonderland, and we found this cute one at Party City. Dylan loves being anything military & he had all this stuff anyway from playing airsoft. Great timing since I am sewing so much. Didn't need to fit the costume in this year. Hope yours was fun! Did anyone sew anything fun??


Paula said...

Hey Monique!
I just found an adoption blog where the mom makes gorgeous dresses and outfits with fabric similar to your style! Check it out! It might give you some ideas for future projects! Its at Look at the Oct. 30 blog. talk to you soon!

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

These are awesome costumes Monique!

Do you have pics of every costume you sewed for your children?
They are lucky to have such a talented Mom.


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