Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cookie Swap

Sorry to not post frequently, but my computer is in the garage, and the garage is not heated, therefore, I avoid it! My son has a computer in the house and I use it during the day, but my pics are on my computer. Whats a blog post w/out pics?? So what have I been up to? I have been sewing like mad to finish up everyones orders that need to be there by Christmas. My daughter turned 12 on December 3, so we had a party for her and my annual Cookie Swap was on Friday night. I look forward to it every year, but especially this one because it gets harder and harder to spend time with your friends now that the kids are older and we don't see each other at school (drop off vs walking home) or at a moms group, etc. Every year there is a different group of people depending on everyone's schedule. This year we had great cookies, as usual- sugar plums (on the red platter), the sprinkled ones next to it were so yummy- a combination of those frosted animal crackers with CRANBERRIES inside!! Also, gingerbread men, frosted lemon, hazelnut coconut, peanut butter chocolate and more. Holly and I each made a recipe- I did peppermint thumbprints and she did peppermint frosted chocolate cookies. They were from the cookie magazine- I believe from Better Homes & Gardens with the cookie sheet pictured on the front. Both winners in my book! Hope you are enjoying the season as well!

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Swift Jan said...

How bizarre to think that your garage is too COLD and my garage is too HOT!!! It has been incredibly hot here, I suppose it is summer down under lol..

Your cookie swap looks like fun! Mmmmmmm wish I could have bee there :)

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