Friday, January 8, 2010

Living Room Fabric Audition

I just got new drapes a few months ago for my living room and dining room which face each other. The old drapes I made myself and the were red toile from Waverly with cream boullion fringe. They just got a tad faded. I kept saying I needed to make new ones, but just haven't had the time. A friend of mine just bought these Pottery Barn (lined!) silk drapes and didn't want them, so she asked if I wanted them- easy to say yes! Now, I am tweaking the Living Room to incorporate the cocoa drapes. Sandi Henderson's Henna Garden from the new Meadowsweet line looked like a match. What do you think? My ottoman was made by my MIL with my requirements- the lid lifts off and I have my scrapbooks inside. I asked if I could cut up the family sheets that were ripped and used the top, pretty edge with the hand embroidered 'J' for Johnson. It fit perfectly around the edge. (Click the photo to see it better) I think it was a full size sheet. I stapled the linen to the inside of the ottoman. I have really enjoyed the look and the family tie. The top was covered with the red floral fabric that the pillow on the couch has, but its time for a change. There were matching pillowcases with the 'J' and I turned those into pillow toppers, and I will blog about that another time. I am waiting for Jennifer Paganelli's new line to come out, So St. Croix, as I think the reddish brown would look good in the room as well. Here's a photo of the fabrics: well, I guess its at the top. Some one PLEASE tell me how to move photos!!!!! Anyway, anxiously awaiting that fabric to audition!! She also has toile that I am excited about as well. Check out her blog, SisBoom Daydreams- I have a link under blogs I follow!


Swift Jan said...

What a beautiful room! I love the Ottoman! And aren't you a clever cookie to cover it yourself!

Moving photos, I just click & drag them...

Sew Like Nobody's Watching said...

Living room is great! It's hard to tell from your photo what your whole color scheme is for the room, but I think the green would be a lovely accent color. Sort of a pop of color on the neutrals.

For the photos I find that if I want to insert a photo in the middle of a post i hit the return button a few times at the end of my sentence where I want the photo to go. And then place the cursor on one of the blank lines and insert the photo there.

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