Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tips for Working with Minky

I work with minky ALOT, and I've seen how many say its really difficult to work with. It is, but its not impossible! Here are some tips for success when sewing with it.
*First, pin. Then pin. Then pin!!!
Minky wants to shift, so this is really helpful. I like to pin going in both directions~ see top photo.
*Pin on the floor or a surface where none of the minky will hang over the edge. When transferring, try not to bunch it, but keep it straight as much as possible. Sometimes once its on my sewing table I carefully fold the outside edge over. You don't want the minky to hang over the edge and then become distorted. This is important the whole time you are sewing it.
*Give yourself some wiggle room, just like when layering a quilt.
I cut my minky at least 2" larger than the cotton fabric I'm sewing it to.
Some shifting will occur no matter how careful you are pinning, so if it gets a tad askew, you won't end up without minky in a corner.
*A walking foot helps stabilize the layers as well, but sometimes I used my regular presser foot & it works well, too.
*Don't pull the minky as you sew it or you will definately be off by the time you finish sewing that side.
*If you find that you are REALLY off as you are sewing, you are better off ripping the seams out and starting over or your whole project will be off.
*Remember not to iron on the minky directly or it will melt! :)
Hope these tips are helpful. Its so soft and cuddly and the end result will be your reward!


Marie said...

That's what I need to do, cut 2 inches larger than the top so I'm not left w/ no minky. Going to redo my daughter's blanket now. It's not minky, it's rosebud fleece, but it was a bear to work with!

Belinda said...

Thanks so much for the tips! Timing couldn't be better as I'm about to tackle nursery bedding next week using Minky!

Sew Pretty Dresses said...

The pinning idea is new for me. Thank you! All such good tips!

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