Sunday, July 10, 2011

New in the Shop & Pinterest

I've been wanting to put a random patchwork blanket in my shop with the cottage/shabby chic fabrics. I love red and pink together and just added a pop of green. The Casey Scroll seems to end up in almost everything I make! What will I do when I run out?? Used lots of another fav designer, Tanya Whelan with Darla and Delilah as well as some Farmers Market from Sandi Henderson.
I have been having a great time pinning things to pinterest. I've been finding all my fav flickr friends there and can follow them and see what they love. Its a really fun place to have your 'all time favs' in one group. You can pin from blogs, flickr, etsy listings. I've found some great shops on etsy that way, too. If you click on the red bar at the top of my blog you can see what I've pinned. You need to request through pinterest an invite to start your own pinning, but you can look at everyone elses pins in the meantime. Mine took about a week from request to acceptance. I'm not sure what the criteria is or if its to keep it from flooding. Lots of fun to add to 'things to do in your spare time'! :)

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