Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Thrift Store Score!

Roses print in frame $10

Franciscan Apple serving tray $20

Cross stitch tablecloth $8

Tiny painted pitchers with golden brown flowers $3

Tiny cups for maybe salt or spices? $3/set

Rumply ruffled light jacket~ cute with tank top & jeans $3

I had the best time at the thrift store today! It was just one of those perfect days. I kept bringing more and more stuff up to the counter. I told the lady, "I've never found so many things I want here in the same day! " It is one of those boutiquey types that have gorgeous embroidered linens~ one of my weaknesses and great china/pottery and some of the clothes are gorgeous! I actually had some birthday money, so it was fun to get so much for the money. I had fun when I got home rearranging my mantel & dining room. I've been trying to lighten up the family room, so its been great finding these light colored beauties! Off to sew, hope your summer has been fun so far!

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