Friday, July 24, 2009

Bday Gifts Made with Love

These are the handmade gifts from my kids for my birthday! My daughter made the sachet filled with lavender from our garden. I am really proud of her sewing skills and use of wonder under. I keep this next to my bed to remind me of her and I can smell the lavender! My son is amazing with polymer clay and he made this pendant for me to match the fabric from Jennifer Paganelli- Loopy Vintage Turquoise. My daughter told him it was my favorite fabric! I have been wanting to make a summer skirt with the fabric, but always put stuff for me off. Now I have an incentive as I want to wear the coordinating necklace! :) I love these gifts so much and will always cherish them!!


Jennifer said...

these heart gifts are the best ..I love how they thought of you and how he used the Loopy to make that gorgeous necklace, thanks for sharing this you are one lucky lady.

Swift Jan said...


WHat thoughtful lovely kids you have. Real treasures!

Givinya De Elba said...

They are lovely! What great kids you have!!

Hmmm... Swift Jan's own "Nirthday" is coming up 26 Aug, perhaps we should band together and wish her a happy Nirthday right back at her!!

On the other hand, I can talk. I am the typo queen.

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