Friday, November 19, 2010

Ahhh Parisville!

This new line by Tula Pink has been highly anticipated in the blog world! We all got to drool over her amazing booth at Quilt Market. Some of those pictures are favorited on my flickr page. Her blog, shows how she drew the amazing Cameo print with the lady with a rat (or mouse??) on her head. Kinda funny! Print #4 above has small mice in the print as well. The Eyedropper print #3 has so many possibilities. I have it in 2 colorways, but will order the third the next time I buy fabric. I love the details she puts into every print. She is a true artist!!


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The Shanty Girl said...

This is probably one of my favorite fabric lines coming out this year. I just saw it for the first time Yesterday when I got an email newsletter from the online store I like to shop with and I was drooling! You have very good taste! Beautiful, I bet you make some georgous things out of your fabric! What quilt show do you go to? I would love to go to the Houston one sometime. I am going to have to get some of this fabric as I love anything with a french twist! Enjoy!

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