Monday, November 22, 2010

And Here's the Matching Bag . . .

I made a bag to match the quilt. I strip pieced the front flap and back pocket & used "Jodi" on the sides, Dolin in the front and fussy cut Madeline for the top of the strap and used Maeve for the underside from Queen Street. Pockets are Kat Stripe & Casey Scroll & Sally used in the flap from previous Jennifer Paganelli lines. Back and inside pics on my flickr page & will be in my shop tonight! :)


Sara said...

Good gosh, you are continuing to crank out some awesome stuff :-)

The Shanty Girl said...

This is beautiful! Is this a diaper bag or for any occasion, I need to go check out flickr photos. And thanks for the input on wich apron to send! I have really been having a hard time deciding!

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