Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Purple Phase

Well, it all started with Anna Maria Horner's Small Gathering in plum, then Far Far Away (which I haven't cut into yet), then Glam Garden and then Sonoma by Franchelle Contreras. Ahhhh, I have always loved violet, lavender, plum etc. When my husband and I first married I decorated our room in violet and forest green. The duvet was from Pottery Barn and looked so much like the purple print on the bottom of the blanket with the roses~ complete with matching shams. I eventually changed that to Laura Ashley's Toile print in dark purple with a cream background. I made a whole cloth quilt with it, shams, etc. Then I changed over to red, wheat & olive, but am now missing my purple! I decided to make a baby size blanket from the leftover blocks from Nicole's blanket (on flickr) and found all sorts of pretty nooks in my yard despite the dirt piles, broken concrete, rebar, etc. floating around the back yard. I'm pretty sure the workers thought I was strange clothespinning this blanket to my apricot tree & sitting on a mound of tarped dirt to get this shot! Oh, what we do to capture the perfect picture! Have you ever gone to great lengths to photograph something???


Sara said...

Beautiful! I do love all those colors. The most difficult sewing project to photograph is children's clothes (when they're wearing them). They either don't want to wear them or they're making a face. :-)

Kelly Irene said...

Pretty! I love the fabric combination. I am thinking that some Parisville fat quarters would work great for this as well!

Franchelle said...

Monique, the baby blanket is very beautiful. thank you for using the Sonoma fabric collection.

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