Monday, April 18, 2011

Must Have Notecards for Paganelli Fans

Squealed with excitement today as I received my Sis Boom notecards and Material Obsession book from Amazon today! I also ordered the Sis Boom journal, but for some reason they are shipping it separately and it will arrive tomorrow. If you love Jennifer's fabrics like I do, then you HAVE to get the notecards! There are 2 cards of each of these prints (but also 2 different colors per print, so no 2 cards are the same): Ann Flower Mural, Stephanie, Marie, Amanda Fleur, Kayla, Jackie, Michal, Leann, Loopy Vintage Floral (yay!!), Matt's Tux, Sally and Libby paisley. The envelopes are Libby Paisley with a cute Sis Boom shape to put someone's address in it. The box itself is gorgeous and looks great on my desk. :) Can't wait for the Girls World book to come out!! Will be reading Material Obsession this week~ it is so colorful!

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