Tuesday, August 9, 2011

One Fabric, 3 Ways

Modern Chevron

Eclectic Chevron

Cottage Chevron

I love Paula Prass' new line, Botanika! The chevron in particular is such a great print with lots of colors and the pattern isn't 'perfect' in the lines. I couldn't decide which way to go style wise, so I decided to create 3 looks with the chevron. The first one is a more modern look with fallish colors. There's a small amount of olive green and I loved the Anna Correopsis print with it, so I coordinated from there. I tried to stick to the deep, warm colors with the exception of a white background from Kristian Howell & Valori Wells and the light blue from Valori Wells. I think all dark would be too heavy. I like a balance.
The second group is more eclectic. I was matching color rather than print style. I was originally thinking about pulling in all the colors from the chevron and it looked too disjointed so I settled on the black-petal pink-periwinkle colors.
The third is more cottage looking. I kept it from looking too sweet and predictable by adding Amy Butler's Floating Buds and the more graphic Joel Dewberry bird print and floral. Jennifer Paganelli's paisley is a perfect match and balances well with the other two periwinkle~purples from Paula. I don't know that I have a favorite, but usually the more fabrics I can get into a group the more I love it. Sometimes I start pulling things together only to hit a roadblock because of the color or style. This was fun! :)


Susan said...

Pretty selections! What are you going to make with it?

Paula Prass said...

Whatever you do, I know it'll be great!

Thanks for visiting!