Tuesday, August 30, 2011

West Indies!!!

I was supposed to get my West Indies from UPS on Friday & it didn't come. On Monday about 8pm he showed up with my box. Our usual delivery time is around 2pm. Boy that was a long wait! Holly really wanted to tweak her room to reflect the fact that she's a teenager now & the Chandler print in brandy looked like a fit. Her Shabby Chic quilt from Target has a dark plum-y color in it that has been hard to match. It turns out that it is perfect. I'm glad Holly has an eye for color. The main difference between her and I is that she has to have an exact match & she doesn't like things busy! :) I'm always trying to coax her into pushing the envelope in her room & she won't have it! I am thrilled, as usual with West Indies! The colors are deep & saturated and have endless combinations with her other lines. I put a couple 'outsiders' here and there, but mostly having practically every fabric line she has makes it look eclectic enough! So far I've seen fabric.com , sewlovefabrics , quilthome and sewmamasew with West Indies.


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Melissa P said...

I can't wait to see these come to life in your projects. Well worth the wait--although I completely understand the anxiety of delayed shipments. We gotta have our fabric!!

Sew Pretty Dresses said...

Holly has great taste! Love the print she chose! I love how you mixed them up! I have been mixing up West Indies with her other lines too. Just need to take a picture!

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