Saturday, September 17, 2011

New Ironing Board Cover & Iron

Here is the ironing area of my sewing room. I used a quilt rack with shelf above and had my husband modify it so that the bar hung lower so I could get fabric in and out easier. I either hang fabric to be ironed or fabric that has just been ironed on the bar. I store books and specific projects (my ongoing hexies) or supplies (scripture fabric) in the bins above. My daughter made the little bird that hangs on the peg. Finished purses and diaper bags will also hang from there until they get mailed out. My ironing board was in desperate need of recovering, so I used Jona's tutorial here . She has a great blog with lots of helpful info. Her blog link is on the sidebar. I used Velentina in cocoa from the new West Indies & solid brown for the string to go through. It was easy enough to make and pretties up that side of the room. To the right is the cutting table I blogged about previously. I've had so many irons I don't like and I finally found one I really like! It's a Rowenta Pro Master DW8080 that I purchased on Amazon. In reading many many reviews I found out that if you buy a Rowenta it needs to be made in Germany, not China for it to be reliable. The steam is awesome and the tank  is bigger and lasts longer than my older irons. Hope it lasts! :)


Sweet Baby Jamie said...

I love your idea with the quilt rack holding the fabric over the ironing board...I think I just might copy that! I have also used Jona's ironing board cover tutorial for mine...and I have Jennifer's fabric covering my board too! Great minds.....

Sew Pretty Dresses said...

OH gosh I want that cover! Gorgeous girl!

I have a German made Rowenta and it ROCKS! Have had it for years. I hope you have as good of luck!

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