Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturday's Quilting Job

Today I've been quilting Jess' baby quilt. I'm using my Mega Quilter and I just love it!! Baby quilts are fun to quilt because they are a manageable size. I can do up to a twin, but a twin can be trickier. This one just flows right through. I think the hardest part about free motion quilting is keeping your stitches the same size. I think if you go with a speed you are comfortable and take your time, most of the time that is possible. However, the beauty of handmade are the quirks that come from a human making your item. It's a pleasure that I'm grateful I can do! :) Do you notice the Trader Joe's peach boxes stacked? They make great project holders! What are you working on today??


notes of sincerity said...

Beautiful work!! :o)
I am having a little give a way and would love to have you drop by.
hugs. Trish

Sweet Baby Jamie said...

It looks beautiful!!! I love to make baby quilts fun and fast.

Thanks for visiting!