Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wall Pocket

Well, my hours on flickr and pinterest have finally paid off! I've been seeing these wall pockets and realized that one of my sewing machines is located next to a wall and how cute would this be next to it to organize??? Speaking of cute, I was finally able to use my Sherbet Pips fabric because Aneela's fabrics are the definition of cute! The gingham is from Darla. Had to add the selvedge edge~ any opportunity to do so is fun in my opinion. Another hexagon glued on a framing nail (see previous post). This took less than an hour to make & now I feel even MORE organized in my sewing room!


Marjon Savelsberg said...

This is such a great idea and it looks really pretty and very organized!

Sweet Baby Jamie said...

MOnique this is adorable!!! I love the idea and may have to make one myself!! This is Jamie by the way...sweet baby jamie but I now have a new blog!! Lost the other....don't ask!

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