Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Embroidery Question



I've been stuck in bed with the flu or some other bug since Sunday, so I've picked up my stitching. Okay~ so I'm learning embroidery~ this is my first time trying a chain stitch. I got my book out and in the first photo was the result on the bottom of the stem. Then I went to welovefrenchknots , Bari J's blog about embroidery and clicked on 'How to Videos' and learned the chain stitch! The results are in the second picture & although those of you who have been embroidering for years will see the flaws, I'm just happy to see an obvious chain stitch!! 
HERE'S THE QUESTION: can I pull out the stitching that looks bad from the V of the branches and below or will it unravel all the stitching that is done on that same strand that isn't bad??
If you are beginning to learn about embroidery, check out Bari's blog to learn the stitches and see great examples that other people do as well.

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Melissa P said...

You can undo the stitching you don't like. Just be sure that you have a tail long enough to thread through the remaining stitches to hold it in place. Sometimes it's hard to do because the thread has been stitched through initially. If that's the case, you'll need to remove it all.

It's looking good! And that Totem is so amazing to play with, isn't it?

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