Sunday, October 16, 2011

Girl's World Cover Blanket

I was asked by a customer of mine if I could make the quilt that's on the cover of Girl's World by Jennifer Paganelli. She said she knew I would know which one it was because she saw it on my blog. :) I told her it would be 'easy' to make because the print is a cheater print called Kimberly with the patchwork printed on. The finished size is 70x84 to fit a twin bed. Its pictured on a queen bed. You can see the ball fringe on the far side because it technically doesn't fit this size. We don't have any twin size beds anymore as my son is now about 6' and doesn't fit in one anymore. The backing is Kona cotton azalea and the ball fringe goes all the way around. I recommend a ball fringe with a wide strip that you attach to your item to. I've ordered ball fringe that has a minuscule edge and its a nightmare to sew on. This was a dream! I would call this a coverlet because there is no batting in the middle. I seamed 2 sides down the middle and sewed right sides together, turned right side out & ironed. I topstitched around the edge with white thread in the top, fuschia in the bottom and then attached the fringe switching out the top thread to match the fringe and viola! We're living in a Girl's World!!

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Jennifer said...

It is so fabulous you have to love a cheater makes us giddy!!!

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