Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Crazy Love Messenger Bag

There are oh so many things I want to make with Crazy Love, but I decided to go for my messenger bag. Its a great way to mix up the fabrics. I've been playing with separating the colors more, but really this line calls to be mixed up, eclectic, fun & bright. You just can't go wrong. Flap: Priscilla, front/back Natasha, sides& inside flap Joann, insides Natasha pockets with Cecilia walls, strap on top a mix of it all! If you've been hesitant in mixing fabrics before, this line makes it easy! I've posted various combinations on my flickr under 'fabric choices' if you would like suggestions~ otherwise, dive in! This bag is now available in my shop! :)

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Melissa P said...

Gorgeous!!! Great job.

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