Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wall Vignette

So, I decided to work on the wall in my bedroom opposite my sewing room door. I love the idea of the fabric hoops and have them in my living room, but I wanted to change it a little and not see the metal adjuster at the top. I cut the fabric out with pinking shears so that it would just cover the side of the hoop and hot glued dots at intervals along the wood frame. I pressed the fabric to the glue dot and the result is a pretty scallop that looks decidedly more feminine and perfect for my bedroom. Both red fabrics are from Moda & the owl one is the newest line from Birch Fabrics that I just got in yesterday. I just did a little quilting to emphasize some of the elements in the print. So cute!! The large bird print is home dec fabric from Thomas Paul & I bought it at 
Happy with another corner!

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