Friday, April 13, 2012

Thrift Store Prom

Sporting the Bosco Bow Ties

Bow Tie & Matching Corsage

My handsome boy

Having fun
Our church came up with a great idea to have a "Thrift Store Prom". Go cheaply using clothes from thrift stores, go vintage, go silly, what ever! I made Dylan & his friend bow ties from Jennifer Paganelli/Carla Crim   Bosco Bow Tie. I did as Melissa P did and hand sewed at the parts where it said to glue. Who knows how crazy on the dance floor they will get! Dylan's girlfriend had a cute poodle skirt and red scarf so I made her a matching corsage from Tanya Whelan's new book, Sew What You Love called 'Corsage Flowers" I attached the flower to a knit leftover from hemming Holly's pants she's wearing. How's that for repurposing?? I put a vintage button at the center. I used American Jane's Happy Campers Plaid. Jordan's bow tie is a Robert Kaufman pimatex black with white dots. I loved making them and hope to make more! They did their best to be goofy and silly and I think they succeeded! Holly wanted to go, but high schoolers only, so she found some retro glasses and joined the photo.


SouthernBabies said...

That is so awesome. Your kids are gorgeous, look just like their Mom.

I love the thrift store prom idea. such a neat idea. Loved seeing your photos. Priceless moments you nor they will ever forget.

Great job on the bow ties and corsage. You did a great job, as always.

Melissa P said...

What a fun night for them all! And your additions to the outfits are perfect! There's something extra special about building memories with hand made goodies as part of the mix.

Thanks for visiting!