Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Fabric Closet

How do you store your fabric?? I'm taking a poll. I have reorganized my fabric closet several times. I started out by color, but as my stash grew and my orders increased, I needed to quickly identify if I have a certain fabric. Next, I grouped by designer, then color. Recently I have been going to designer, then print, then fabric line. For some designers I have many colors, same print. For example I have almost every color of Jennifer Paganelli's Casey Scroll. I put all of those together. For Amy Butler, I have it organized by fabric line. Sandi Henderson is more like Jennifer Paganelli. Tanya Whelan I have by fabric line, then color. I have almost every Darla fabric, a few of Ava Rose & Barefoot Roses and a few of her newest, Delilah. Then there's the orphans that don't have a bigger group or maybe I purchased them for their color. They have their own group by color. For my new sewing room, the local Borders bookstore closed up and my husband bought 6 of their shallow bookshelves. They are 6.5" deep. One whole wall in my new room will house these bookcases & hopefully I'll be able to spread out my fabrics better to see what I have. All this rearranging has lead to a hope of selling off my extra fabrics I don't need or use. I don't want to trade necessarily because I have most of what I need. I may just post my extras with a wish list and maybe I can get more of a certain fabric I need. What is your favorite source for fabric swaps?? I will also donate some to our sewing group at church. I think most of my fabrics are a little more wild than they normally use. :) Any helpful info to the above questions would be treasured!!


Melissa P said...

What a gorgeous closet! It's going to look fabulous in the new sewing room too.

As for my method of organization, I separate by designer, collection, colorway--in that order. Miscellaneous fabrics get grouped together by color or else tossed into a bin where they are seldom seen. I think it all depends on how you use your stash. You seem to have it nailed down for the way you work.

(Love that Sis Boom shelf, by the way.)

Sara said...

Wow, you have a ton of fabric!! I posted about my sewing area yesterday, and I only have two small plastic containers, so not enough to group them really, lol!!

Nina... said...

At first I grouped by color, but for me, it was too confusing when I wanted to find a certain fabric. Now I group by designer. I find it much easier to find things!

Mom of 2 Roses said...

I'd love to shop in your stash!! You've got a great eye for fabric!!

notes of sincerity said...

Oh boy. May I move in?! :o)
Those are gorgeous fabrics!
I would love to see what you create with your scraps. :o)
Right now I am organizing my fabrics by color. I have a small stash, and it works for me to store in an armoire, in plastic bins and each one has a label as to what color it holds. Plus you can see through it.
Another thing I do is store 5" squares and 3" squares, in a couple of other boxes. When I am cutting fabric, I take just a moment longer and cut the scraps into 5 or 3 inch squares, that way I have them to pull from when I want something to play with. Then the remaining scraps go into a box that is just plain scraps. :o)
I hope that helps. I am on a much smaller scale of what I own, so you may need something a bit more.
Have a lovely weekend Monique. :o)
Sincerely, Trish

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