Friday, January 28, 2011

Sweet Dolls on Etsy

Holly has a knack for finding the cutest things on etsy! She spends more time than I do (sometimes!) searching. If you look at my 'etsy favs', most are from her. Especially those non fabric related! She found (btw, how do I just insert the shop name, but not the actual url for a link??) Holly fell in love with Jane and kept going back and looking and then the picture of Jane from the listing became my computer background. Okay, we'll buy her! When the little box arrived, we both loved how she was wrapped~ just how a little friend should be~ with matching tissue paper and a tulle ribbon. The next step is the photo session. Holly never wants to be in the picture, but her smile is so genuine when she really IS happy, that a momma has to capture that! So I got both photos. A sweet smile and childhood memory of a new friend named Jane who is so well made and will be loved for a long time. :)


The Shanty Girl said...

That is an adorable doll, and your daughter looks very pleased. I think it is wonderful she too has a love for things artistic and home made. Have a wonderful weekend!

Nina... said...

I love those little dolls, is it an amigurumi? To create a link without having to show the url is easy!. Just type the name of the shop (or whatever you want hi-lighted and clickable to go to the link). Then from another window or screen "copy" the url to the link, go back to your post and "hi-light" the name of the shop, click on the lime green "link" icon at the top of your blog post, paste the url into the window that pops up and hit enter. Sounds tricky but it's easy! Good luck!

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