Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Devon peasant top

I've been playing around with this Devon pattern from Sis Boom/Carla Crim and it's FABULOUS! I am honestly NOT a clothing sewer, but being surrounded by all these amazing fabrics, I yearn to make something to wear! I've made things before from Jennifer & Carla and have been super impressed with the detailed instructions & photos. Truly, I am a visual learner and get sooo stuck on any patterns easily~ but not here! There are so many options on length based on your height, sleeve options either bell sleeve or regular, ruffled or not. Super versatile. You can even make this as a dress. I love it and will enjoy wearing it this spring. I used the Maeve fabric from Jennifer's Poodle line because I've been wanting to make myself something out of it for a while. I enjoyed the pattern so much I'll be making it in Crazy Love, but just don't know which one yet. There are just so many good ones, I'm stumped! It's funny because I help people pick out fabrics every day, but it's hard for me to make a decision on that mostly because I love 'em all! Get the Devon and have fun with it!

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Sweet Baby Jamie said...

So cute!! I can quilt all day long, but to make clothing...ugh! YOu look lovely today!!!

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