Friday, March 9, 2012

Good Morning!

Today started out with beautiful California weather, a bouquet of my freesias & a quick few pics of a minky blanket as a tablecloth~ why not?? I had a customer ask about a patchwork tablecloth & we ended up deciding on a patchwork runner (pics when it's finished), so I got to thinking why couldn't this be a tablecloth or table scarf?? I have a small outside table & just draped it across. It would be beautiful to wake up to this setting & have coffee and enjoy the 75 degrees weather with my morning coffee. Alas, this one's shipping out, but maybe once I get caught up I can make one for me! This size is 44x56. Be sure to check out Jennifer's blog to get the latest beautiful happenings there!

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Melissa P said...

What a great way to get energized--just sit down and let the Sis Boom do its magic. Love it!

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