Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Flea Market Fancy Bag

Yesterday I got my Flea Market Fancy fabric in, super excited as I've never owned any and have always loved the Bouquet fabric! I went shopping with my daughter at Target and found these sparkly Converse in the clearance section and snapped them up! Today we are going to Manhattan Beach, so I thought I'd make a quick bag to match the shoes & thought of my new fabric! I used Tanya Whelan's Practical Bag pattern as its super fast, no interfacing! I added 2 inside pockets and am super happy with the outcome! The inside is a Rober Kaufman damask~ I think it's from the Pimatex Basics line. I'm off to have fun today!!


Melissa P said...

It turned out beautifully! And I love Tanya's Practical Bag pattern.

Have a great day!

Emily said...

Love your bag! Grey bouquet is one of my favorites too! and so is Manhattan Beach! :D

Nina... said...

Cute shoes! I just received my stash of Flea Market Fancy, too. Can't wait to start creating with this fun and "fancy" fabric. Love the bag!

Sweet Baby Jamie said...

YOu are styling girl!!! I love the grey! Hope you had a great day today

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