Saturday, March 13, 2010

Is it Summer Yet?

I know, spring isn't even here yet, and I'm thinking summer. I just couldn't help but think of my pool water sewing up this blanket. The Bliss Bouquet from Amy Butler looks like a vintage beach print~ can't you just see it in a wrap for your bathing suit? A beach towel trimmed with Jennifer Paganelli's Mary Trellis & Sandi Henderson's Happy Butterfly on a cozy pillow backed with white terrycloth. Oh, can't wait! Not that I spend my summer around the pool, but I can see it from where I sew. :) A girl can daydream!


Mary said...

I love the color combo in this quilt . . . gorgeous!

Swift Jan said...

I adore those colours!

Summer is finally over here!

Lisa said...

So I'm drooling over the fact that you have a pool, where we are from it just isn't nice enough for long enough. I am envious, I would be swimming in that sucker every day!

Love those colors!
You rock the colors!

Received the rug....thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!!!

Monique I am very happy to have met you.

Jessica Feely Photography said...

Ohhh I loove these colors! And your work is so beautiful :) <3

Thanks for visiting!